Philippines Trademark Registration

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services offered

As the Philippines' first Intellectual Property BPO, we offer a full range of trademark services.

  1. Trademark Search. In this phase you determine if a trademark is already registered that is similar to your proposed registration. Philippines is a first to file country, so even if you have a trademark in another country, you first need to determine it has been registered by someone else in the Philippines. Please contact us to support you with this trademark search.
  2. Trademark Registration. After you decide to proceed with registration, we prepare and file the relevant documents with the Philippines Trademark Office. We are registered with the Philippines Trademark Office to act as an agent on your behalf. There are multiple steps to registration and you can pay us for each step, or you can purchase a discounted package from us that includes all steps.
  3. Opposition. In some cases a trademark holder may oppose registration if their trademark is similar to theirs. It is difficult to estimate in advance if your trademark will be opposed as this is really a case by case decision. Please feel free to discuss opposition with us.
  4. Monitoring. It is important to watch that your trademark is not infringed by another party. Part of this task is monitoring new registrations. We offer trademark monitoring services.

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