Philippines Trademark Registration

Philippines Registrability Report

A registrability report is a report that is issued by the IPPHL. This report is typically only issues to TM applications in which the IPPHL has questions.

Generally the IPPHL will issue a registrability report when they have objections to an application.

We provide free responses the first minor registrability report. Please review below to understand the differences.

Some registrability reports can easily be addressed and we refer to them as Minor or Major.

Minor (free of charge):

  • Words claimed in the mark are common words.
  • Colors claimed must be more clearly identified. 
  • Requests by the IPPHL for information about the ownership of images used in the mark. 
  • Reclassification, disclaimers, corrections, etc
  • Correction trademark formalities 

Major (additional fee applies):

  • Trademark similarities by another mark. In this case the IPPHL will issue a registrability report questioning the validity of the application. This can be viewed of advance warning that the IPPHL plans to deny an application. The remedy in this case is that our office must respond with evidence (prepared by our attorneys) that your application is in fact not similar. 

Note: A major registrability report (including arguing your mark is not confusingly similar) will be quoted based on complexity. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions if you have received a registrability report and need guidance on what to do, it is a very important step and is best if handled by an expert. 

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