Trademark Application

Trademark Registration – Stage 1/4

We include everything in the initial trademark registration process:

  1. Preparation of documents (including FREE trademark search)
  2. All expenses, including notary
  3. Government filing fees
  4. Our professional services and filing fees
  5. Appointment of us as your agent
  6. Philippines VAT Invoice (BIR)

What’s not included?

Your “Starbung Coffee” logo would definitely not be approved!

Obviously if you try to file a trademark for Starbung Coffee, you can guess it will be likely that Starbucks Coffee will be willing to fight long and hard to oppose your registration. Therefore, the fees we list on this page only include unopposed applications. All of our packages exclude costs of responding to an opposition, as these costs would vary depending on the strength of your case, and many other factors.

Note: The  ₱6,990 fee only includes registration, and does not include Declaration of Actual Use or  Publication for Opposition. If you wish to include those, please consider buying our discount package. None of our options include Opposition (if that occurs in your case) because it only affects a minority of applications. We will respond to one minor Registrability Report free of charge.

Trademark Application

*includes all gov’t fees and taxes

The four stages of our Trademark Registration service:
​(all in one package available on the Pricing page)

Stage 1: Trademark Application
Stage 2: Publication for Opposition (PfO)
Stage 3: Declaration of Actual Use (DAU)
Stage 4: Opposition (optional)

Learn more about the Declaration of Actual Usage process, an important milestone in registering your trademark

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