Google just filed a Trademark for the Pixel Watch name

It appears to be a device manufactured by Google.

The “Pixel Watch” trademark application is readily available online, albeit there isn’t much to learn. The entire page is dedicated to the company’s ambitions.

“The PIXEL WATCHTM trademark registration is intended to cover the following categories: smartwatches; smartwatch cases; wearable computers in the nature of smartwatches; smartwatch straps; smartwatch bands.”

The signals have been there for a long, but the corporation has yet to make an official statement. 91Mobiles provided a gadget render, which showed a circular screen with a basic UI showing the clock and a step counter. Because it already provides Wear OS for third-party watches, it makes sense for the business to build its device.

It’s similar to when Google opted to create its phones after years of supporting and improving the Android operating system for other firms to use on their own devices. If the Pixel phones’ quality remains as high as possible, they might be a viable alternative to the Galaxy Watch.

Analysis: Google needs the Pixel Watch

Ticwatch, Fossil, and Samsung (after converting its smartwatches from Tizen) are keeping the Wear OS flag flying, but it’s apparent that Google has its flagship wearable on the market.

We all know how popular the Apple Watch has been and how well it integrates with the iPhone. Owners of Google Pixel phones, on the other hand, haven’t got a wristwatch that they can rely on and be proud of in the same manner.

After the success of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it feels like the appropriate time for the Pixel Watch to make its debut, both to compete with the Apple Watch and to draw attention to the Wear OS platform in general. It remains to be seen how Google’s acquisition of Fitbit will affect the future of gadgets like the Fitbit Sense, but it will be fascinating to witness. Perhaps, in the future, the Apple Watch won’t be as dominating in the smartwatch market – and the Pixel Watch might be part of the cause for that transition.