Benefits of Trademark Registration in the Philippines

A brand must comply with the appropriate business registration standards and be listed in many government organizations, such as the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the body that facilitates trademark registration in the Philippines, in order to operate lawfully and securely.

The IPO defines a trademark as “both a trademark and a service mark, whereas a service mark is used to distinguish markings that are only used for services.” Simply described, a trademark might be a single phrase, a group of words, a sign, a symbol, a logo, or a combination of these.

The IPO grants the right to a trademark to the first person who makes an application, and it only protects your trademark within the Philippines.

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However, there are other substantial benefits to doing so.

Benefits of Registering Trademark with IPO

  1. Builds Identity and Branding

A trademark distinguishes your brand from competitors by allowing customers to distinguish your products and services from those of your competitors. Simply seeing your logo, for example, would allow individuals to recognize which company they are viewing

This is especially useful if you’re just starting out as a small business and are still developing your brand. You can use your trademark in marketing campaigns and promotional materials to raise knowledge about your business, in addition to utilizing it to designate your business.

  1. Adds Value

As a firm expands and becomes successful, a trademark acquires intrinsic worth. In fact, it has the potential to become a company’s most valuable asset.

When you register a trademark, you gain exclusive use of the mark and prevent others from using the same or similar marks. Franchise agreements, on the other hand, allow you to generate money by allowing others to use your trademark.

Investors search for a licensed trademark for security reasons before deciding whether or not to invest fully in your brand.

  1. Serves as Protection

You run the risk of unauthorized parties utilizing your trademark without your consent if you don’t register it. This can harm not only your brand and reputation but also your entire business.

By registering your trademark, you give your company an extra layer of protection against those who would try to profit from all of your hard work in developing your brand and reputation.

  1. Gives Legal Rights

If someone tries to imitate you by using your trademark, you can seek civil, criminal, or even administrative action from the IPO’s Bureau of Legal Affairs, but only if you’re the trademark’s registered owner.

If you don’t register your trademark, you’ll be in a weak position to battle for rights that should have been yours. If you wish to protect your business in the Philippines, trademark registration is required. If you haven’t already done so, do so as quickly as possible before someone else does.