Trademark Registration research

Register your trademark quickly and with reasonable fees

We understand registering a trademark might be a new endeavour for many people. 

Registering a trademark is a great milestone for a business, as it generally means that concrete plans have already been made.  We are here to support you in your journey by helping you protect your Intellectual Property (IP) in the Philippines.

Below we have laid out the steps we must take to register your trademark:

Step 1

Determine what class your trademark belongs in.

Step 2

Search the database to find out if there are any conflicts.  Just because there isn’t a conflict doesn’t mean you can or cannot proceed.

Step 3

File your registration and pay the fee.

Step 4

Wait for an answer from the IPOPHL. (6 months on average).

Step 5

Receive your certificate.

Step 6

File your Declaration of Actual Use.

Step 7

Respond to any Office Actions (rarely happens).

We have live chat accessible at the bottom right of your screen, email support and an FAQ to answer any questions you might have.

Learn more about the Declaration of Actual Usage process, an important milestone in registering your trademark