Trademark Pricing

We also have a pay-as-you-go plan available, splitting payments up as your Trademark Registration progresses

The pricing of obtaining a trademark is determined on the filing basis chosen and the initial application form is used. Each of these solutions has its own set of requirements that influence the pricing. Before accessing the new application forms, you should be aware of the following factors that are used to compute the filing cost for an initial application:

  1. Number of marks: Per application, only one mark is to be filed. If you have more than one trademark, you must file separate applications for each one, each with its own filing fee.
  2. Number of classes: Each category of goods and/or services in the application must be paid for.
  3. Application filing option selected.

Trademark Registration
One Time Payment

inc. all gov’t fees and taxes

Trademark Registration

inc. all gov’t fees and taxes

A. Our professional fees, which cover almost a two-year period for the following work:

  • File the single class trademark application with the IPO;
  • Preparation of the required Formal Drawings;
  • Preparation of the Special Power of Attorney empowering TRIPS or to file and prosecute the application;
  • Follow-ups with the IPO regarding the status of the application;
  • Filing of responses to the Trademark Examiners’ Registrability Reports;
  • Response to the IPO’s Notice of Allowance and Publication for purposes of Opposition
  • Monitoring of the application’s publication;
  • Monitoring of any opposition to the mark;
  • Response to the IPO’s Notice of Issuance and Publication, after the subject mark has been approved for publication in the IPO’s Official Gazette;
  • Constant monitoring of status of the application;
  • Conference with the Trademark Examiner;
  • Securing of the Certificate of Registration; and
  • Filing of 3rd year Declaration of Actual Use

B. Government fees
C. Expenses (such as photocopying, printing expenses, call & facsimile charges, transportation expenses, representation expenses, mailing charges, etc.)
D. Applicable taxes

  • No need to worry about expensive fees!
  • No more surprise hidden charges!
  • With just P19,990, you can protect your business and have your trademark registered by professionals!
  • Your P19,990 will ensure protection of your trademark for a full 10 years!!
  • See! It is not expensive to file and register your trademark! Finally, you can register your brand name!

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