What is a House Mark?

We all know that a trademark helps us to identify a brand without confusion with other brands producing similar goods. Also, no one can use the name, design, or quotes of your brand without your permission if you have registered a trademark. There are two types of marks that can be registered for your products and services. They are house marks and product marks. We know that a product mark helps a particular product stand unique in the minds of people, but what is a house mark? Read on to learn more about House marks and their importance for your businesses.

House Marks – Explained

When we hear the term “iPhone”, we think of the mobile produced by Apple. However, if we hear the term “Apple”, we will think about all the products produced by Apple such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macs, etc. So, “Apple” is one of the great examples of House Marks. A house mark refers to a trademark that includes a wide variety of products and goods instead of referring to a single one. To be more precise, a house mark refers to the provider producing a list of goods and services. It can also be the company’s name or brand’s name.

Generally, different trademarks are used to refer to specific products that come under the house marks. If you are a business owner producing various kinds of products, it is always good to register a house mark to protect your business at a broader level.

Do House Marks Affect the Value of Product Marks?

You may think that registering a house mark for your brand will affect the identity of the product marks and the individual products of your brand. It is not true. Because a good house mark and its product marks go hand in hand and improve your business’s worth. Let us take the above example of Apple. The trademark Apple doesn’t affect its product mark iPhone. Instead, iPhones and Apple both significantly identify the brand and help to stand unique in the minds of customers. Filing a house mark for your brand has so much importance.

One such thing is, your trademark rights become so strong when you have registered a house mark, and you can clearly oppose a party in case of likelihood of confusion. Also, if you have a house mark, the trademark examiners will reject all the applications that are similar to your trademark.

Things to know before applying for a House Mark

Before registering a house mark for your brand, there are some prerequisites you need to know. They are listed below:

  • To obtain a house mark for your brand, you should be able to explain that your brand produces or provides a list of products and services.
  • If you aim to file a house mark for your intent-to-use trademark, you should mention that during the examination process at first itself.
  • While filing a house mark application, you should submit the catalog or branding materials that show evidence that your trademark holds a variety of goods.
  • Also, to register a house mark, your trademark should be able to show satisfactory use of the house mark.
  • The application should start with the term “house mark of”.

If you are able to meet all the requirements mentioned above, you can get a house mark for your brand and achieve business growth.

Trademark Registration Process in the Philippines

If you are looking to register a trademark for your business in the Philippines, you should adhere to the regulations of the IPOPHL (Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines). Both ordinary applications and convention trademark applications can be filed with the IPOPHL.

To successfully file a trademark application with the IPOPHL, you should conduct a proper trademark search to avoid the likelihood of confusion with already existing marks. If you are already using your trademark in commerce, you can go for a Section 1(a) Use-based trademark application. Otherwise, you can file an intent-to-use (Section 1(b)) trademark application, if you are planning to use your trademark in the future.


If you are owing a brand that produces a variety of goods, then obtaining a house mark is the right choice for you. Since house mark provides broader protection for your brand, you don’t need to worry about infringements and illegal usage from third parties. With house marks, you can also broaden your business across boundaries.

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