Meta Files Trademark Registration For Crypto-Related Products

Meta, previously Facebook, has applied for a trademark in Brazil. The application, submitted to the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (NPI), covers a wide range of cryptocurrency items and services.

Meta’s foray into the crypto market has propelled it ahead of other IT behemoths. Itself part of its metaverse goals, Facebook was renamed Meta at the end of last year. The business is also working on the Novi cryptocurrency wallet.

Meta registers a trademark in Brazil

The INPI trademark application wants to allow Meta to develop cryptocurrency-related products and services. These services include trading, wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The submission did not specify which product line Meta would be concentrating on. However, specific application data indicate that the services will be focused on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Part of the trademark registration said, “Design, development, and implementation of software for third-party verification services for digital currency transactions, including (but not limited to) transactions using Bitcoin money.”

On January 25, Meta disclosed the information of this trademark registration. The registration is now awaiting INPI approval. According to the magazine, Meta initially filed for the trademark in October 2021, with the order coming from Jamaica.

Tech giants focusing on crypto

Meta is not the only tech behemoth concentrating on cryptocurrency products. Apple is also interested in crypto technologies, particularly the metaverse. During a recent earnings call for Q1 2022, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company would explore the possibilities of the metaverse. Apple’s stock price rose somewhat as a result of the news.

Cook stated that Apple was “spending appropriately” in the metaverse field due to the prospects there. Unlike other digital behemoths, though, Apple has yet to make its metaverse intentions public.

Apple has shifted its emphasis to augmented reality (AR), with remarkable success in this area. Apple, according to Cook, is “constantly researching new and emerging technologies.” He went on to say that the metaverse was “extremely fascinating to us right now.”