TRADEMARK CLASS 15: Musical instruments

The International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services divides goods and services into 45 Trademark Classes (1 to 34 cover Goods, and 35 to 45 cover Services). The Indian Trademark Registry uses this classification to categorize trademarks.

Trademark Class 15 includes musical instruments and in particular mechanical pianos and their accessories, musical boxes, electrical and electronic musical instruments.

This category is pretty narrow compared to some of the other classes, so be sure that your product fits in before you register.

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  1. Stringed Instruments: Some examples of stringed instruments in this class include guitars, violins, violas, cellos, basses, mandolins, lyres, banjos, harps, and balalaikas.

Other stringed instruments also fall under Trademark Class 15.

  1. Woodwind Instruments: Some woodwind instruments included in this class are clarinets, oboes, saxophones, bagpipes, different kinds of flutes, and more.
  2. Brass Instruments: Brass instruments like trumpets, trombones, and different types of horns also fall under Class 15.
  3. Percussion: Many percussion instruments are in this class. Some examples include drums, gongs, the triangle, handbells, kettledrums, tambourines, and tom-toms.
  4. Keyboard Instruments: Instruments with keyboards such as pianos, organs, and accordions are also a part of Class 15.
  5. Electric Instruments: There are a lot of other classes which include electrical components and items. However, any electric versions of these instruments and other electric musical instruments are in Class 15.

This Class includes:

  1. Mechanical pianos and their accessories
  2. Musical boxes
  3. Electrical and electronic musical instruments.
  4. Keyboard Instruments
  5. Woodwind Instruments
  6. Percussion Instruments
  7. Brass Instruments
  8. Musical Accessories

Trademark Class 15 does not include:

  1. Apparatus for the recording, transmission, amplification, and reproduction of sound (Class 9)

Related (Coordinated) Classes

A related trademark class is related to another class; this is because the Indian Trademark Office (ITO) has determined that applicants registering in Class 15 are also eligible to register in these other classes.

If you are unsure about Class 15 for your product, consider the following “Related Classes”: Class 6 includes common metals and alloys, Class 8 includes hand tools and implements, Class 28 includes games and sporting games, and Class 22 includes ropes, sacks, and bags.

Trademark registration fees vary according to the class system as well. Each class of goods and services that you want to register requires a separate registration fee. For example, if you want to register a trademark in Class 5 for Pharmaceuticals and Class 10 for Dental Instruments and Apparatus, you must pay two separate fees. When registering a trademark, it is critical to select the correct class; if you register a trademark in the incorrect class, you must restart the registration process from the beginning.